Rodin eternal spring bronze auction

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PARIS (Reuters) - A bronze cast of French 19th century sculptor Auguste Rodin's famous "The Kiss" was bought by a U.S. collector for 2.2 million euros ($2.5 million) at a Paris auction on Tuesday....
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This came as a surprise after Rodin’s Eternal Spring was the one star lot in Sotheby’s May sale in New York – perhaps a victim of the sometimes bias shown against posthumous casts. Though the sale featured only half as many lots as its counterpart from the previous year, the auction displayed a commitment to quality before quantity leading to a high calibre of works attaining excellent and appropriate prices.
Auguste Rodin. SEATED FEMALE TORSO (TORSE FEMININ ASSIS), CONCEIVED BETWEEN 1880 - 1899 AND CAST IN 1986 ... 1899 AND CAST IN 1986. bronze with brown patina. 34.0 cm ...
1643 "auguste rodin" 3D Models. Every Day new 3D Models from all over the World. Click to find the best Results for auguste rodin Models for your 3D Printer. Explore treasures like a rock & roll poster collection from around 1968, a Delaware Tribe beaded baldric and an Auguste Rodin 'Eternal Spring' bronze that could have the highest value of the season. 12:30 AM (London Sotheby auction "Bowie/Collector" with 350 works from Bowie's art collection) (By Roslyn Sulcas, NY Times, 11-13-2016) ART & DESIGN: David Bowie's Seal of Approval Bolsters Art at Auction (Sale of 47 lots tripled its low estimates raising 24.3 million pounds, or $30.3 million.) (By Scott Reyburn, NY Times, 11-11-2016) CLAUDEL, Camille La edad madura Hacia 1902 Grupo de bronce en tres partes, 1.14 x 1.63 x 0.72 m Musée d'Orsay, Paris
Medium: kauri, metal connections, aluminum / painted fibre board MDF base. Size: 8 x 4 x 2.5 inches (H. 13 inches incl. base). The Karearea is a powerful, swift, medium-sized bird with long fingered wings, a long tail, a short hooked bill and long sharp talons. In the market for sculpture, plagued by fakes, the value of a piece increases significantly when its provenance can be established. A Rodin work with a verified history sold for US$4.8 million in 1999,[65] and Rodin's bronze Eve, grand modele—version sans rocher sold for $18.9 million at a 2008 Christie's auction in New York.[66] Discover 3 exceptional works by French sculptor Auguste Rodin, including a rare cast bronze, the Age of Bronze which will come to auction next week in London.
In 1999, the Brooklyn Museum allowed Charles Saatchi, well known for aggressively selling off the contemporary art that he amassed, to stage a provocative exhibition there, entitled “Sensation,” representing his collections; the show was funded in part by an auction house, dealers, and Saatchi himself, all of whom stood to benefit ... FORT WORTH, TEXAS - Antiques Roadshow reports a Bronze (circa 1900) by Auguste Rodin (1840 – 1917) entitled; "Eternal Spring" was discovered during the shows taping . The sculpture is worth up to $500,000...
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